More pictures from the animals in the San Francisco Zoo from our visit last Sunday. These animals, Koala; Kangaroo and the Polar Bear, take the afternoon off, and enjoy being lazy in the sun. The warm weather from the last couple of weeks must have taken its toll on the animals. Learn more about the […]


These magnificent animals can be viewed in the Zoo of San Francisco. I have a special bond with tigers, as I was born in the year of the Tiger in the Chinese astrology signs. A couple of years ago, one tiger escaped from the cage, after being taunted by a few men. One of them […]

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The winters are rather chilly for people living on the street in San Francisco. Although it doesn’t snow, and most of the times is not freezing like in other places in the US, the cold wind makes it almost as cold as if it freezes. Some of the people living on the street seek those […]


Since 2006, I’ve been blogging in Dutch here at TheNextCorner.com, to document our lives in San Francisco. For the longest time, I got quite some readers here from The Netherlands, who followed how our lives developed in a new country. After some time, I started a new blog in English on the domain: TheNextCorner.net. First […]


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