Scottish Highlander Games Pleasanton

by Dennis Goedegebuure

It has been the third time we’ve been to the Highlander games in Pleasanton. First time, our kids were still really little. Now, with three kids, we see that even V is liking the bagpipes the same way as little D a couple of years ago. Which is why we spent most of our time at the bagpipe competition. All the teams were beautifully dressed, where I honestly have no idea on how these groups are being judged on their performance.

back pipes competition highlander games Pleasanton

highlander games Pleasanton

And while you’re having fun, drinking some beers or whiskey, you might get hungry. Why not get a whole turkey leg, freshly grilled on a massive BBQ.

Monster turkey legs highlander games

And while Jools first time was years ago, when she was 4 years old, now at 7, she’s becoming a real little lady in her Scottish skirt, which is made of the family Tartan; of the Clan Lamont.

Scottish Heritage

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