My life in English

by Dennis Goedegebuure

Since 2006, I’ve been blogging in Dutch here at, to document our lives in San Francisco. For the longest time, I got quite some readers here from The Netherlands, who followed how our lives developed in a new country. After some time, I started a new blog in English on the domain: First I started to write about similar topics, life, travel, photography and Internet. But more and more the blog lacked focus. So here is my decision:

I will continue to use the .COM version of my online brand for personal blog posts, where I will continue the .NET version for everything which has got to do with my profession. Maybe I should have started the latter on the .COM, but hey, I’ve already got a large number of Dutch links to the .COM, and a large number of SEO industry related links to my .NET. With the implementation of a language selector plugin here, I can separate the two languages easily. As long as the search engines are able to determine the different focus.

What can you expect here; blog posts mainly about travel, living in San Francisco and photography. Occasionally I might post something about parenting and being a father of 3, but I’m trying not to expose my family too much!



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